Western Trust ‘underspend on disability services’

According to the charity Destined, which serves as an advocate for people with learning impairments, the huge shortage in financing has been going on for at least a year.

Dermot O Hara from the charity as recommended the underspend might extend back as far as 1996.

He stated that figures from the trust indicate a shortfall in spending on services for those with handicaps totaling 4m a year.

He stated, acute services in the area had actually been overfunded to the tune of 4m and older individual’s services by 9m a year.
The group is releasing a campaign tomorrow in the city, Mr. O Hara said, adding it’s not appropriate, we are not 2nd class citizens.

He stated they had actually been raising the problem of underfunding over a duration of years and if essential, they would take the protest to the minister s door.

The Trust had offered a list of unmet need, he said, consisting of a lack of reprieve care and adult autism services.
In a statement the Western Trust validated that over the previous 2 years, there had actually been a deficit in investment in learning disability services totaling up to 8 million.

The Trust has actually received an additional investment of 2.3 million for this financial year.

It included that it was going to work with families, careers and advocate groups to develop plans to resolve the financing spaces.

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