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dilatation of the right ventricle is marked undulation of the cervical veins is

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Condition on admission to the Norfolk War Hospital ISfovember 1916

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the urine and faeces of patients suffering from this condition Bau

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From the results obtained in his second series of 100 cata

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relieve pain. The measures employed for this purpose are often of service in

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been freshly made and to which has been added 1 cubic centi

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In the large Ware rooms on Broad Street corner of Button wood

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being then rather a phenomenon in the course of an infectious

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Symptoms. Syphilitic pneumonia is one of the later manifestations of

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Retropharyngeal Abscess. Three cases are reported bv

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cases. Relative insutlieienev of tlu semilunar leaflets occurs when the dila

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measures. Systematic muscular exercise and diaphragmatic respiration spong

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epidermic grafts this is especially true in regard to cancroid of

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being boiled its burning may be prevented by the same precau

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a cause of future disturbance. Failure to find the calculus is no necessary

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of the aforesaid then late Corporation of Surgeons for himself his Heirs

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A very infrequent form unassociated with tonsillar inflammation is the

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A large unilocular ovarian cystoma or a parovarian cyst may simulate ascites.

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the result of a coarse lesion a detached bone a tumor

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statement appears that Mitzmain has carried out an important investiga

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bodies or so called glands of the mesentery in the im

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wound was found extending from the middle line two centimetres below the inion

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With increasing cardiac failure and venous stasis cyanosis grows most

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also disturbances in the opposite limbs gait and the maintenance of

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Symptomatology. The symptoms vary very much and are often at first

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the measurement of myopia shows it to be less when effected with

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understand before being able to judge of pathological conditions

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of a tropical climate in modil ying the usual changes which dead

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hypertrophy but it reaches the highest grades in the left ventricle and may

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the stomach. Excessive smoking is of equal importance in manv cases. It

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