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in animals produced symptoms identical with those of myxcedema and the
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ecclivmoses it contained about 10 oiuic s of a yellowish fluid
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poral convolution which may be characterized as diminution in
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Similarly undigested vegetable tissues such as portions of onions are thought
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so as to form a somewhat hooked extremity. See Fig.
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tiva mostly marked in the ocular conjunctiva the plica semi
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Another striking feature is the apparent effort necessary to utter a
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Treatment. From the very outset it is imperative that the patient be
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hard tumors the size of a small hemp seed imbedded in the skin.
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ciated constriction of the bowels. In another lately reported by Henoch
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cornea to the ordinary methods of staining with the chloride of
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substances. In speaking of these amorphous toxins therefore as toxalbumins
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This appears as a progressive venous pulse flowing centrally.
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their hospitals. It is of interest to note that coincidently with this
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tlie first branchial arch with the frontal nucleus this union begin
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what lobed. Flowers axillary solitary or fascicled or in a few
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more readily under conditions attending the invasion of the body by bacteria
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latter. The author criticises the term pupillary membrane as
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amined was due to the presence of methiBmoglobin. Rossiniji

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