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by leucocytes the intracellular agents of destruction must be operative. The

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the profuse sweat and liability to endocardial or pericardial inflammation that

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sarcoma the size of an orange in the right sphenoidal lobe was

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of the fact that CO2 as. an acid occupies quite a special physiological

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valvular disease or of hypertrophy and dilatation when the cardiac power fails

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is based upon more than 300 cases in twenty years practice. He

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space is striking and characteristic. The soimd produced has a ringing

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inch 3 millimetres thick at its base has been removed from the

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are extremely interesting and important. The infection may be either I. simple

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sation the lateral pyramidal tract of the opposite side of the spinal cord.

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circulation. The absorption of oxygen is reduced below the normal standard

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found that a 1 per cent. collyria of the poison produced in fifteen

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aneurismal dilatations spring from the sinuses of Valsalva and very rarely

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require a microscopical examination for their exact differentiation. The malig

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Dilatation may occur primarily coincidently with hypertrophy or after the

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the heart with secondary venous obstruction congestion

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The physiological cause or explanation of anginoid paroxysms probably

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enucleated. In the first instance the tumor was found to be en

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Learned and Scientific Bodies in the United Kingdom and to persons introduced by

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virulence down to complete loss may be produced according to the duration

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The prognosis is very unfavorable where the pus enters the general peri

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oval patches denuded of papillae are scattered over the tongue.

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Belladonnas Radix et Foha Atropina Atropiuse Sulphas Hyoscyami Folia

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Uric acid often appears in excessive quantities before the occurrence of gly

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late Congress of Otology and Laryngology claimed the priority of

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the two Scrutineers ascertain the result of such Ballot and shall forthwith declare

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companion piece to the one above quoted. His patient was a

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tion. But it is also the period of defective inhibition of

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purative or gangrenous softening. The latter conditions have doubtless been

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determined but which is certainly not a sulphate. The quantity

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