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transformation and disappearance through the action of a ferment that is

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fifteen to eighteen months. Sacculated aneurisms of the ascending part of the

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separated portion of liver. This deformity is of chief importance in the

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form concretions. If the alkalinity be due to ammonia the indication is very

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of the papillae are the terminations of the urinif

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able nature of the more common articles o food as nutrient media

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strvchnine are exceedingly valuable as general muscular tonics but heart

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silver unnecessary unscientific and unjustifiable. Sant Annap.t

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paroxysms of cough and frequently to suffocative attacks. The difficulty

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Areas of the mucous membrane are hyperajmic swollen and covered with tena

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sloughing snrface which is accompanied by diffnse swelling of the cheek. The

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the University of Pennsylvania in which there were demon

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Microscopic examination of this tumor showed deep pigmentation

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activity underlying these affections may in the process of the elimi

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membranes may reach five or six millimetres. It is frequently universal. The

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the case of small abscesses every trace of the disease may become effaced.

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arrangements were at once made by them to alter the dates of the

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a more complete and earlier convalescence. The rapidity with which the stools

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intestine. The fluid will soon return and the more frequent the tappings the

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section the two substances hardly differed from each

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The diagnosis is difficult. It is impossible to determine

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tical substance which is so very essential. When I do administer

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gotten that in rare instances articular deformity and the presence of tophi may

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great importance. Cases of indefinite obstruction of the oesophagus and of

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ox blood contains besides the bases already known for a long time

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point to an identity of lupus and tubercle. Ocular tuberculosis

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than the symptoms though they also are subject to great variations and may

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appear. Their reappearance may be expected when resolution sets in and the

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these various and suggestive results may be explained in different ways and

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week and the symptoms very rapidly disappear. There is however a great

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