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iu the haphazard manner which has produced his neurosis.
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During this period 10 077 soldiers were admitted 8 197 of
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complete cessation in pyrexia. Chronic epileptics who
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pathogenic agents of dysentery present in the intestinal
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carefully removed from the ear with forceps one piece
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such circumstances the danger is not so great as when
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of Education and there is a passage in the Memorandum
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contents into it from the anastomosis would be most
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low two chapters on the examination of the thorax anU
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partnerships assistantships and locum teuencies at pages 42
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case as it raises the question of Graves s disease as a
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absolute cure rate of about 25 per cent. Doubtless they
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of food must elapse before the previous conditions of
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pamphlet is copiously illustrated with photographs show
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manufacturers to the occasion. Taking into con
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refused and in due course the swelling disappeared in
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honorary dermatologist to the Royal Infirmary Liverpool
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we find that our problem being the prevention of diseajse
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this I saw that I must look for assistance to those who had

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