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The scholars to be young men studying and seeking to
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effusion as this undergoes resorption the urine is often greatly increased in
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Therefore when compression has taken place because of
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It has already been mentioned in describing suppurative nephritis that
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Pharyngitis may occur epidemically and may then be due to certain con
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communication with the lung will already have converted the empyema into a
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debility. There is rapid emaciation the extremities are frequently cold and
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The diagnosis of fiuictional from organic stenosis will be considered under
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lent precipitate of tlie carbobydrate itself Tbis latter reaction
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Hypotheses that are so complicated and so numerous sufficiently prove our
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only sister suffered with a similar eruption and died at 9 of some
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Aneurism of the abdominal aorta is simulated by the frequently visible and
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been prepared with it have been recommended by experienced practitioners.
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ute this property to anything except a living organism. The evidence now
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three layers of the heart wall the endocardium myocardium and pericardium
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cate intestinal diseases. It is true that many spells of
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them had miliary tuberculosis. The otitis media depended
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The first of o ents shown herowitli ronveys a good idea
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blocking the external auditory canal. It sprang from the lower
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Retroflexion of a pregnant uterus may closely resemble a hematocele. It
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observers have described cases in which there were abnormal communications
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flected through the two liquids from a sheet of white paper held
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also when he inoculated by simple friction on an intact membrane.
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and injected into the rectum. Large quantities of water
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The most common variety of venous hyperemia of the brain
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trance of organisms. The bladder and uterus do not ordinarily contain any
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measure should always be tried before resorting to operative inter
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fibres are distributed along with certain branches of the vagus. 3.
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ficial ones which are generally affected. One never sees such huge bunches of
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tious malady due to an unknown poison which requires some local conditions
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liar form of posterior polar cataract. The retina appeared pigmented
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the blood. Of the acute infections pysemic diseases as puerperal fever scar
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as were allowed to stand seem to have acted like a charm.
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disturbances of appetite indefinite sensations of gastric discomfort and oc ca
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fossa of Sylvius so that in addition to the third frontal and the
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was not rendered unconscious but had some transitory nausea.
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hydatid cysts of the tliyroid 1. Puncture with injection of para
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Officer in Charge of the Surgical Division of the Norfolk War Hospital.
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ized. Antiseptic solutions sliould also be frequently applied to the parts.
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In the opinion of the writer these objections have not been overthrown
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normal in one third of the cases. The pupillary diameters were
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been proposed but have not found general acceptance.
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at first locally disappearing for a while from the circulating blood if they
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ments rapidly disappeared and that others were ameliorated in
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from the neck muscles too that this influence on the movements and
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iiig piles are frequently observed among the obese. Such hsemorrhagas are
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Gilbert Barling 87 Connvall street Kewh dl sfreet. Birmingham.
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the tumor with forceps. A clear liquid escaped mixed wdth con
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with ordinary cerebral hemiplegia and under such circumstances
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predisponents. In the female sex the occurrence of menstruation
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sult from or contain tubercle bacilli though according
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history of the disease no chyluria nor albuminuria. The case
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tected the eye with absorbent cotton. A crust formed and on
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pain. In February 1918 an anesthetic was given and the fingers gently

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