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tonsillar disease. The mental development is distinctly retarded particularly
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color and by free action of the bowels. As to disease a sudden
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vessels are preferable to glass because they take less time to heat
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tity of albumen if allowed to stand a time after withdrawal from
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or simple warm wet cloths without or with antiseptic solu
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outline similar to that of eccentric hypertrophy. Within the septum may be
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I may be permitted to mention here as I have done many
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but the indications above mentioned will usually suffice for the differential
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blood whose granules stain only with color bases though this granulation is
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Microscopically there is found a very great overgrowth of connective tissue
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jections and other usual symptoms rapidly disappeared.
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and the nervous system constituting the guide for the regulation of the
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There is nothing in the stools characteristic of cancer of the pancreas
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rebellious to treatment took nightly for a number of months a pill containing
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intermittent fever with or without chills and a painful and tender enlarge
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of artificial infant food. But he still sets his face against
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disturbances are usually present. Loss of appetite nausea vomiting and
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they should be controlled by a recognised examining body which
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It should not be attempted however if the invagination is believed to have
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ciated with symptoms of biliary colic and a slight or absent jaundice. When
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ucts. AVe possess however knowledge of some of the bacterial products which
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articular rheumatism. Sometimes in chronic cases the exacerbations of pain are
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Airain certain atrophic conditions of the gastric mucous membrane give rise to
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the result depends upon their character. Radical relief is not
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epitheliomata with mucous connective tissue growths in the midst
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fulness and discomfort in the rectum are frequent symptoms of constipation
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disease while one of the parathyroid glands dissected out by Mr. Pearson
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the muscles the debility of the muscles and the pressure
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tenderness be not too great to permit of this. The abdomen is commonly
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Secretary a Declaration signed by himself to the effect that he does not
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by mechanical interference with respiration an attempt may be made to draw
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the skin becomes black all pain disappears and the inflammation is
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whisky drinkers. It consists in postponing the accustomed morning
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hypoglossal nerve. Then follows the path for the arm and finally
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Diagnosis. It is important to distinguish dropsy of the pericardium from
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newly formed inflammatory lymph adenoid tissue between a thick
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inferior turbinated bone greatly magnified in which the muscular
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begins with the chills rapid rise of temperature sleeplessness and restlessness
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The physical signs of consolidation and of pleuritic adhesions become more
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sired give the names of leading hysicians and a number of
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tional disease. In it we have to deal not only with the
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both operations as far as can be ascertained by cases properly authenticated.
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upon intact epithelium by no means a diphtheritic pseudo mem
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out of the advcntitia cells of the vessels. The interesting case
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rupted by sudden relaxations. The outstretched arm if unsupported often
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more freely moved gradually loosened adhesions which had formed
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that he obtains an immunity against its influence in guinea pigs.
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he concludes that the voltaic arc acts nearly always by the chemi
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fate of bacteriology as of other theories From Broussais there
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forgotten whenever digestion is impaired whenever there
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never previously suffercnl from any urinary complaint and had
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of dilatation in the case of carcinoma is questionable. Sometimes very good
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creases in power. The details of this treatment are however more fully
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severed in its lower third. The vibrating structure appeared to be
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should be removed to a disinfecting station properly equipped and
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considered violence an important etiological factor. He considered
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where also the controlling factor is doubtless the action of chemical products
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Second edition. Crown 8vo 294 pages 124 illustrations. Price Cloth
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even more accurately and satisfactorily than by inspection the change in con
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or so of years. Zambaco finds that leprosy exists in Egypt
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with acquired immunity froui tetanus and diphtheria this power may be
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hysterical nature. It is rarely seen excepting in states of neurasthenia chloro
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repeated palpitations or attacks of angina pectoris. The latter occur in ca ses
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application exercises the same influence upon pain and the inflammation as
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treatment of amoebic dysentery particularly when the amoebee are assuming their
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any reference to hydrogen ion concentration. It is worth while however pointing out
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relative advantages and the methods of arresting Primary Haemorrhage
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in which the iris reacted rapidly to eserine the operation proved

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