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in his paper in the Journal of the Eoyal Army Medical Corps stated
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A moderate degree of insusceptibility to the specific poisons of bacteria
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Other parasitic diseases such as boils carbuncles phlegmons and gangrene
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sulted from purulent otitis of the right side. Tliese cases
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tion instilled into the ear occasionally by a leech on the
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Railton Thomas Carleton To vn haU West Didshury Manchester
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sends out pseudopodia or buds which separate from it and also cir
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were performed. Now it so happened that all those who
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development of enteritis in those predisposed to it by regulating the diet
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The local application of the galvanic current uninterrupted or slowly
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of acute degeneration some are examples of acute exudative nephritis some
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ference with deglutition dyspnoea with noisy mouth breathing altered nasal
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several large hsemorrhagic infarcts of the lungs and as many as twenty
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remembered that repeated nervous palpitation leads to some hypertrophy.

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