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never observed muscular relaxation or hypotonia in the sense which is
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The causes are the same as those of catarrhal pharyngitis and laryngitis.
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be ascertained post mortem when clinical signs point to its existence. Unasso
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an hypertrophy of all the layers of the epidermis associated with
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liant results while others were greatly disappointed in its
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Terminatious. The tendency in all cases of aneurism is to gradual increase
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of them engraved from original photographs and drawings furnished by the
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the great French clinician Trousseau is so accurate that the affection is now
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colonies the distinctive characters of which form one of the most important
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times detected upon the external surface of the dura mater compressing the
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alone which persists after birth nor does he agree with the division
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tilage and bone are also absent. By the inoculation of the exuda
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toration is as a rule scanty and tenacious but occasionally abundant and
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formerly suffered indescribable anguish for days and weeks in succession with
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acidity becomes a poorer solvent for them. These conditions are very fre
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when penetrating from the oral cavity into the crypts of the tonsils
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proportion of eases. Enormous carcinomatous enlargement of the liver may
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had seen several similar cases non traumatic in type which lie
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