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appendix. In catarrhal jaundice the initial symptoms are less severe and the

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thoroughly investigated when the patient is under an anaesthetic owing to the

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Symptomatology. The symptomatology of anchylostomiasis is practically

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fibres are themselves transformed into fat and the functional power of the

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place about it showing a tendency to repair and as healing takes place

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generally resembles more closely an encephaloid although it is somewhat

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are occasionally observed while nodular myomata and cystic tumors are ex

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rhoea the stools being brownish or blackish in color and sometimes distinctly

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adjoining veins may become filled with infectious thrombi or eroded. From

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the respirations shallow and the patient is rapidly prostrated. Such are the

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atrophy exhibit the partial and progressive atrophic changes which are charac

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Since the termination of the Agreement with the Metropolitan

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urged upon the practitioner. To neglect the nasal catarrhs of childhood is to

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observed in the retina and neuro retinitis together with atrophy of the optic

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London. Eoyal London Ophthalmic Hospital Moorfields Eoyal Westminster

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thousands may be present. Tlic jiarent cyst has a suiooth homogeneous opaque

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least a week after the disappearance of all acute symptoms otherwise relapses

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memory. The gradual development of bulbar symptoms is alone

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studied the effect of the voltaic Hglit on the eyes. He has

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subacute. The symptoms are local and of moderate intensity there is little

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through the derma. iMany of the larger ilr i ft Mlit

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great to be introduced into the animal Behring. The larger the amount of

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The treatment of the condition thus indicated demands particular atten

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patches the silvery look the desquamation in large patches on

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cases of tetany almost every one of laryngismus stridulus

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demands an opening of a size sufficient to ensure drainage perhaps necessitat

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vomiting of blood and by the appearance of bloody evacuations.

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tion to disease of the pancreas as a possible cause although diabetes often

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Acute Parenchymatous Hepatitis Acute Yellow Atrophy op

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organs. Thus it is observed at times after too rapid evacuation

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competent observers have claimed that physical signs of undoubted organic dis

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mechanical pi essure and by the modifications of nutrition that are manifested

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Kalt Jiad a case of double o tic nouritis witli acute diffuse

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tioned above and the decline of the others two pounds was so slight

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salicylate of soda either alone or with quinine. Dransart t asserts

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bulbar paralysis and finally the bronchial catarrh which frequently develops

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common form infesting the dog in Greenland and has been observed in man.

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injected into the stomach and grain of morphia was put under

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is brought about between the haemorrhoidal plexus of the rectum

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downward and the mediastinum toward the opposite side. A decided differ

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result was obtained by the constant use of closely fitting frames

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than direc t sunlight. Direct sunlight accompanied often with desiccation

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spleen and finally the bone marrow represent successive centres for the forma

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Thomas Annandale of Edinborough j L recommends intuba

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and two in the corneal substance of rabbits eyes. There were

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of the uric acid in urine of herbivora made by the Salkowski

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ficial ulcerations may occur as a complication in bad cases. The tongue is

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eration there is an indication to em loy the methods of treatment appropriate

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The diagnosis of the exact cause of a gastric haemorrhage is more difficult.

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making ordaining confirming annulling or revoking Bye Laws Ordi

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of incontinence. Children who pass urine while engaged

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nature of gastro intestinal disturbances. Heaviness or pain in the epigastric

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Langton John 62 Harley street W j June 8 1865 Apr. 10 1861

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coronary arteries coming from a primary septic focus in puerperal septicaemia

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tection. The sensibility of the cornea is apt to be diminished on account

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iological condition in certain individuals and is not unfrequently present in

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tuberculosis 5 to old and recent bone tuberculosis and the rest to pulmonary

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Local treatment is of secondary importance. The larynx should be cleansed

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be explained by the assumption of a metastasis of the local manifestations of

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