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Finally many individuals possess a peculiar constitutional predisposition to

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is sooner or later manifested though the symptoms vary so widely in different

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Terminatious. The tendency in all cases of aneurism is to gradual increase

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the great majority are liable to relapse and to fatal termination at last.

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anomalies of the centrifugal fibres while disturbances of the reflex

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bi ing characterized especially by solubility in alkalies resistance to boiling

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address upon some subject connected with Medical Science.

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Paralysis due to neuritis and usually represented by paraplegia is an occa

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cardiac disease etc. Semmola vide Annual 1889. Distinctly

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the stimulating and narcotic properties of tobacco have an effect

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Iodoform has served him well but patients object to its odor. The

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traversed by bands of connective tissue and not infrequently there is ulceration.

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weakest physiological acid. It is constantly present in greater or less

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should consist of liquids only. In young infants the addition of peptonoids

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We have little information as to the conditions which occasionally permit

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occurred in a young woman in good health. The conclusion

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uble by combination with the salicylate or benzoate of sodium according to

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this form of inflammation. SchimmelbuscliKi believes that they

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milligramme 0.015 grain of uric acid. The method is as fol

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or hands exercised but children of more advanced years

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portion. He next discusses the cause of the disappearance of the

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Mittendorf commends solutions of boric acid varying in

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adoj ted for this purpose of which puncture has been most generally employed.

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phosphate to produce the white crystalline deposit of ammonio magnesium

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still born but if such a result is obtained from tlie application of

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The dyspnoea on exertion increases with the extension of the disease and

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