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rence took place in about a month when the scraping was repeated

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Blind. l. slight decrease is noted in the number of deaf mutes

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And also to my indefatigable assistant Sub assistant Surgeon Bashi Earn without

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the different writers. It is better to use them as synonymous terms until

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The patient must be kept absolutely at rest and should be tranquillized by

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incubation proved insufficient and the result therefore at that period is

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nary diseases bed sores and other consequences of prolonged confinement in

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the current should be exceedingly mild at first but it may bo

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liquid effusion sometimes sero fibrinous but in most cases purulent is present.

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In chronic mucous gastritis the chief diagnostic feature is the presence of a

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In interpreting the results obtained with CO. regard must not be lost

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Heller s Test. Iluttan suggests as a modification of Heller s

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fellows of the said college without examination any of the present

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intense less regular and that they disappear much more rapidly. Several

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tion exert a baneful influence from a chemical point of

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acid solution and dressed with boracic gauze. The wound was

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expressed in meetings to which they have been annually

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common cause is cicatricial contraction of the wall of the oesophagus the result

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contraction the convexity looks toward the affected side. An extensive shal

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by the fact that it commences on the exterior. Ulcerous stomatitis if very

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varieties are present at the same time. As the portions of the

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placing prisms before the eyes until the images no longer change

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finger passed up behind the soft palate. Of interest in this con

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In attempting to discover an effective method of direct antiseptic

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system. In a considerable number of cases I have found associated with the

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times one of the symptoms predominates greatly over the others so that Lebert

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oiallv upon the extent of pollution of the water with animal and vegetable

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Anthrarohin. This drug 3 a product of alizarin proposed

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gresses especially after the formation of cavities. The appetite is poor and

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test. 3. As a test of the condition of the peripheral extremities

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and re decorate the existing building. The residence of the Conservator of the

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variety of infectious fevers which induce first diffuse acute myocarditis and

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The symptoms continue for weeks or months the patients gradually lose

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The determination of whether the acidity depends on free acid or on acid

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during the discharge. There was constant rectal tenesmus

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ten minutes in a saturated solution of methylene blue in 5 per

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hypostatic hyperemia of the brain. It should not be overlooked

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ities bronchorrhoea pyopneumothorax suppurative bone lesions

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in the administration of Anaesthetics to the satisfaction of his Teachers.

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Etiology. The causes are similar to those of other forms of tonsillitis.

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bolic acid Vienna paste bromine sulphate of copper chloride of zinc and

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scopic examination of the smallest bile ducts becomes necessary.

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lowed and then vomited. Sometimes hysterical subjects or malingerers swal

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phenomenon none of which is however sufficiently comprehensive to account

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his blood but after a further period of treatment this had disappeared

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be explained in large measure by differences in susceptibility to the tubercle

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infection such as gonorrhoeal rheumatism. In the present state of ignorance

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and for a time misled the attending physicians they consisted of

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the imier surface of the pinna. They are sometimes also discoverable upon

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