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apoplectic attack that soon terminated in hemiplegia of the
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itself to the meatus so as not to become displaced. 6. It should
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becomes more difficult to distinguish it from other abdominal tumors.
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Clinical Surgery in the University of Michigan Ann Arbor Corresponding
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High temperature free supply of oxygen and exhaustion of the supply of
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strychnine prove valuable adjuncts in the treatment.
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borygmi as in acute obstruction. Very often the masses of faeces which have
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tion of epigastric fulness or tenderness or of both. Jaundice may follow the
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which followed Bronson Bulkley xlllen Sherwell Sturgis and
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mation in other organs. For instance the localized mild
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cases of this affection have been reported as occurring in infants
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cases proved fatal yet every physician is aware that during the
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tively acute cases that are characterized by febrile symptoms is it expedient to
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has voiced the remonstrance that has been made so often ajjainst
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immediate fall of the extended leg under the influence of gravity is absent
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may occasionally produce a favorable termination the invaginated portion of
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no value. 3. In simple uncomplicated atrophy of the optic nerve
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best described in connection with parenchymatous tonsillitis.
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sorteninjj of the convolutions of the brain and sclerosis or amyloid degenera
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On October 25 the company moved back to a camp in support and
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body are frequently found. The symptoms of acute hsemorrhagic pancreatitis
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soften or become calcified while the kidney between them is converted into
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Ihem. The former only are suitable for inoculation he even thinks
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intlucnLt of the traumatism or surgical disease. It has also been observed

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