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are quite common. They have no special clinical significance and may be

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From a remarkable case as yet unreported lately coming

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grave anaemias in which the volume of macrocytes varies materially from the

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Freund 1 51 designates as optic aphasia a condition of extreme

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made between acute wbacute and chronic cerebral anemia. The

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intense in puerperal cases. It diminishes with the progress of the disease

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resist the effect up to a certain age when cardiac enfeeblement

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heart would be almost certain indications and the diagnosis wx3uld receive still

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complicating chronic gastritis but we can introduce into the stomach much

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and Throat and the Skin while the introductory chapters cover fully the important

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whether the etiology is identical. In neither of these cases

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operation with the best method of performing it and the results of

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treatment of amoebic dysentery particularly when the amoebee are assuming their

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or of the simple transmission of developed immunity from mother to foetus

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tinctly traceable to irritational eye strain. Gould ri describes a

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was a marked circulatory disturbance of sjmmetrical occurrence

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tract again. Lavage systematically employed gives remarkable results in the

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is sometimes connected with glycosuria. Many of the symi toms of saccha

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