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removed. Since the operation progress has been satisfactory. There was
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uterus or of a distended sigmoid flexure frequently gives rise to dilatation of
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temperatures or otherwise needing admission would not be feasible in the
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attention during the past year the few cases of malarial origin
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ity to write from dictation would be designated sensory agraphia.
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tigations upon water and earth and they are all described so that
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pleural surface. It occurs also in lualignant diseases involving tlie pleura in
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or twice in a week. This condition is quite apt to be associated
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by effervescent powders points to pyloric insufficiency perhaps the result of
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Relations of the Medical profession to the Coroner s Court
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The cavities formed both by dilatation and necrosis on the contrarv are
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Lastly there are the cases of indurated pancreas in connection with
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the question of permanent disability justifying exemplary dam
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the thirtieth month this happens to be the period of denti
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described. Death is comparatively infrequent in acute primary sero fibrin
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other evidences of the disease appear. Abdominal pain of a colicky nature is
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greatest mortality with the lowest temperature and the greatest daily range of
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food and occasionally on turning his head experienced a sensation as
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alkaline copper solution first and bring it to the boiling point before adding
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The most common variety of venous hyperemia of the brain
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atrophic form the pharyngitis sicca. Whether the atrophic form of chronic
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are mouldetl upon one another presenting numerous facets caused by mutual
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the s inal cord or medulla oblongata cadaveric spasm develops
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oflen referred to as the pseudo leukaemia of Hodgkin Trousseau. Ranvier
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rheumatic parents although free from the disease themselves. A
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length of time and transparent jelly like material may be found especially
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and the search for bacteria in the products of peritoneal inflammation shows
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It may be necessary to search still further before the jjreparation appropriate
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chial fistula. Notwithstanding these facts we may lay down the rule that if
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a murmur at the apex. A systolic murmur may however be present over
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says that the results obtained by its conscientious use justify a more
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to the submucous structures and leading to atrophic changes in the muscular

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