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immense quantities. The worms themselves are rarely found unless anthel

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feet 3.65 metres for ordinary speech. The author compares this

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vitis and teaching that its employment is only to be considered

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tion test aifords an excellent means of detecting the existence of glycosuria.

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endocarditis. There may further be meningeal or deeper haemorrhages or

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lent meningitis complicated by purulent bronchitis were found

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In certain cases despite repeated paroxysms of pain no discharge of cal

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gall bladder. Its mucous membrane then becomes thin smooth and shin

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The ground receives the discharges of all sorts of infectious diseases. Par

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fiecal concretions. Tliese concretions consist of inspissated fseces and mucus

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bowels and to the condition of the hepatic circulation. Scrupulous care is

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from the ordinary hypertrophied tonsil and from the normal gland

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The Nature of the Symptoms produced by Cerebellar Lesions.

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