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Tlie father of this leper girl remained well. During the time she
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This communication was taken into consideration by the Royal
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An additional case of the toxic effect of atropine drops in a
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tions of the circulatory apparatus. Principally important aiuong these is
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nal measures the efficacy of which has already been exhausted. In such case
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upon it and it lies close to the edge of the pupil.
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bellum that the labyrinth exerts this posture influence.
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creases notably the color is dark the specific gravity increased and a deposit
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group such as globulins nucleo albumins peptones and albumoses. Some of
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as a rule it proceeds from the periphery toward the centre. This
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vomiting fever enlargement of the liver and jaundice. The pain is usually
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possible advantage which the physician might derive from satis
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all possible diseases of the brain without reference to the situation
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dition. More rarely insufficiency of the aortic valves results from rheumatic
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Etiology. This form of catarrhal laryngitis maybe the sequel of an acute
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with the exception of the influenza which has assumed a marked
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considered. The unity of croupous and diphtheritic inflammations
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tents of a cheesy gland with properties a little different from the
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valve until relative insufficiency of the mitral leaflets is established. Cardiac
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Wuerdomann j J has obtained a vision by performing discission
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We have furthermore to consider that micro organisms find at the very

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