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died of dysentery an autopsy was made and the microscopic prep
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lapsing pulse may be quite suggestive of aortic insufficiency. Haemorrhages
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sating Emphysema Senile Emphysema and Substantive Emphysema.
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tional localization in the cerebellum which has been brought forward
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headache vertigo and insomnia are common. Coma develops in rare cases
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tube l oracic acid iodol oV iodoform drops of solution of
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invaded by some other form of inflammation. Sometimes tenderness is not
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aieolioli l evera lt i es and gt veet artieles ol diet.
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dination the existence of subnormal temperature of the body the aggrava
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epidemic diseases. The patient and his discharges were believed to give off
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cautery and of Lugol s solution to the hypertrophied tissue.
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tation of flaps of mucous membrane from the oral cavity into a
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In the therapy of this condition Haigjli refers to the well

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