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Reich Ip has seen repeated epistaxis occur in a 1 7 year old

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There is also a small decrease of 35 in the fees for the

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Paralyses of the Pharynx. These are commonly divided into four varie

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diagnosed and treated as facial erysipelas. Adlcr 2 claims to

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In other cases there is merely a sensation of abdominal soreness. Flatulence

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from ordinary diseases of the heart and lungs a form of haemoptysis arising

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laryngitis and enteritis are developed and the evidences of systemic infection

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same side followed several months later by the peculiar papillary

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when they are abundant turpentine by inhalation is useful. The most conve

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tal possessions beyond what is nearest to their profession

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shift or disappear entirely when the patient is recumbent. Dulness as low as

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a more or less grave and progressive mechanical obstruction to respiration.

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incision. If empyema follows it should be treated in accordance with the

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to be the exciting cause of general chronic pharyngeal catarrh.

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Later the left hand had become affected. On examination the

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