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mediastino pericarditis. In one of my cases the clinical features manifested
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not exhibit exacerbations and remissions. There are usually too rheumatic
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portal inflow and a passive congestion from hindered venous outflow. This
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results obtained are well shown in the annexed colored plate.
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ficial disease having thus caused a true inflammation of the whole
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later every few hours and with stronger solutions 20 per cent.
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At the Meeting of the Council in February a proposal was
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of the cells of the tissues. The tricalcic phosphate of the tissues surrenders
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erate hydrothorax even when double may exist for a long time without giving
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its origin to associated inflammatory processes at the periphery of the lung.
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Of these the enlargement is the more constant and may be more apparent
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is reported by Reid. Palpation revealed a firm freely mobile
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to time contains blood mucus and epithelial cells from the pelvis of the
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Diagnosis. It is most important to distinguish simple bronchitis with

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