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and the consequent danger of rapid death of the part.

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compressed and clotting favored by the gentle injection of water either cold

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Another electro magnet has made its appearance this time by

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The spreading of the peritonitis is indicated by the extension of the pain

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lieved to be the first recorded case of homicide by chloral

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to li 5rogai d the now well cletennined patliological conditions present in the

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hospital his general condition was good his temperature was normal and his

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witli immediate extinction of voice. A few days later the right

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thus rendering extirpation difficult if not impossible. It may rupture into

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The cholera spirillum is the most susceptible of all known bacteria to

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The aphasic symptom complex is by no means entirely exhausted by

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brane as it is a suitable substitute does not irritate the cornea and

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deposited. The deposit is usually abundant light and to the naked eye

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