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terests of an early reorganization of health services he
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on the editorial business of the Jodbnal be addressed to the Editor
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clearness of the atmosphere also and the absence of dust
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although the coat was usually very fine and glossy. In a
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important on the left side in order to prevent subse
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The number of lightning cures that were possible during
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the principles which achieved such a limited success so
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The ascites was such that tapping was necessary on an
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box with the stylet to tumble off f rom tho luouut of tlio
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the building and adapt it as a Keats memorial house and
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iidraitted the tip of the second finger she was advised to
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essential tliat the medical officer should have before him
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scapula is fi.xed the result of the operation is a tragedy
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has been based on suggestions made to it by various
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nancy and some of these were not treated by him. Tlic
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now in force the figures were 55.3 and 24.5 per cent
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I very long time before any thorough medical training was
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tiou adversely it should be remembered that there had
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May 26ch. reaching 99 or 100 in the morniug but rising to
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Siuipson presented was that iu each country and iu each
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It is proposed to give a complimentary dinner to Sir
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ship of patient and medical adviser and that this should
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chronic effects of gas poisoning the type of respira
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a degree of resistance in producing pain. Its entrance
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mine. The particular symptoms of malnutrition which
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The number of mobilized medical units employed during
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Tlie arranged fee is notified to the house governor whose
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the junction of Charing Cross Road and St. Martin s Lane
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the middle line aud that the de th perpendicularly in
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at seven days interval of 6 000 million pneumococci have
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discussion. The reason for this is not hard to lind. The
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which is to be the object of our endeavours. Before
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tion. Asked by Sir Clement Kinloch Cooke if care would be
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The knowledge and experience accumulated during recent

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