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otitis occurring in a man 32 years of age. The attack liad lasted
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of superior polio encephalitis at times appear to be due to a neurosis.
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diplithcria in many parts of the State. The methods recommended
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Boucher dI m reports a case of great amblyopia V 3 7
como emagrecer tomando oleo de cartamo
hesterno poterit collum eircumdare fi o. Catullus. That engorgement of the
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undergo a hardening of their surrounding envelope which makes
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but the antrum larger than normal was filled with thickened
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ocy by the presence of phimosis. Would it could have
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understand before being able to judge of pathological conditions
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suiFered difficult and instrumental delivery. From these facts he
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Physical Signs. The physical signs may be very obscure when the aneur
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Diagnosis. The differential diagnosis from common goitre is usually easy
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long the inflammation. If the incision be large drainage is readily estab
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the liver and consecutive compression of biliary ducts
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As indicated by the number of synonyms several somewhat diverse varie
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sponding editor extracted ajihwia of the e e lid and conjunctiva
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vessels are preferable to glass because they take less time to heat
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viduals extremely sensitive to reflex producing stimulation. 2.
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Thomas and seconded by Mr. George Brown terminated tho
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there are sero sanguinolent stools purgatives should be given cautiously if at
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Nicholls James Trekenning house St. Columb Cormvall
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rarely survives birth. The body is stunted broad and the subcutaneous tis
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post mortem examination showed no cerebral thrombosis or abscess
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are few and trifling but when dilatation supervenes the cardiac compensation
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pysemia phthisis or any severe disease but especially as a complication of
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in. Ucstion. liacteria which themselves or by their products damage excre
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lining of the intestine is coated with mucus which interferes with digestion
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injections or suppositories or the insertion of small pieces of ice.
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oosinophiles Plate T Fig. 1. form a striking ieture but in this variety
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trary operateil upon a patient with a pancreatic cyst who subsequently died
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Bi or tri lobed sometimes with promi No such appearances
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or either half or the central portion alone may be conspicuously involved.
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Several conditions are responsible for the occurrence of an apoplectic attack.
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narrowing was most marked for blue. In complete catalepsy the
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retinitis where other well understood causes are excluded the
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