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l uhreuilhji giyes the case of a woman of 56 in poor

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the right of the heart projection of heart some little distance

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months to a year. In the second period the granulations manifest

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of these headings. Of chiefest clinical importance are the acute and chronic

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the said College thereby incorporated when and so soon as any vacancy

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pion necessitating operative interference rapid healing took

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involvement of the valves. Cases are frequently encountered where anginoid

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plished so that stiffness of the joints and adhesion of the articular surfaces

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and clinicians that the predominant function of the cerebellum is the

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masses and of hyaline cylinders. The irregular masses are found principally

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In haMuatemesis the attack may be preceded by a sensation of fulness in

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twenty four w as admitted to the INIontreal General Hospital with marked

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temperature will arouse the suspicion of an extension of the inflammation

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suddenly thrown into an unconscious tate on account of grief at

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grow more troublesome and the patient finally dies from exhaustion.

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Morbid Anatomy. Few opportunities for post mortem examination pre

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operations as long as there is an outward flow from the divided

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position to extravasation is as great in the newborn as

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stages of this process the suggestion of intermittent fever is often presented.

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Injurious pressure may be exercised upon the superior vena cava with the

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Many such infants begin to use their limbs early. The

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follows TAventy five cubic centimetres of urine are rendered alka

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myxoedema with pregnancy the entire swelling passing away to return after

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sation occur a clear or slightly turbid rarely purulent fluid

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definite predisposition or diathesis. The arthritic diathesis therefore consists

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