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tumor. The primary tumors consist of a stroma enclosing spaces lined with

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four weeks longer than they are. The public schools ought

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what is read. They therefore fail to comply with written re

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be lessened by the addition of a little ammonia. In order to

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the exudation has even been regarded as of diagnostic importance in determin

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Bill giving to the General Medical Council statutory power to

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nutrition is impaired the whole condition is one of chronic invalidism but

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stone the pain is immediately relieved and there is no prolonged convalescence

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Chancery of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George.

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that the Art and Science of Surgery should be duly promoted and that

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of Virginia are sometimes employed with benefit. He related an

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In times of the prevalence of cholera it may be impossible to distinguish

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women and may be experienced only at the menstrual period. The attack is

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by exposure to cold or rubbing. Of late Unna has observed 1 or

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sac the germs which float in the atmosphere and in the second

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The clinical symptoms in these children are obscure. They often have

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or upon deprivation of their power of producing toxic substances.

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last eleventh edition of Gray s Anatomy. Price Cloth 1.00 interleaved

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An additional case of the toxic effect of atropine drops in a

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Prognosis. The existence of atrophy of the heart does not affect the

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