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it is a better plan to introduce either an elastic catheter

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Loss of appetite nausea and vomiting are frequent symptoms.

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heart and pericardium he relates in detail some experiments made

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Palpation. When hypertrophy is the predominating condition the cardiac

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virtue of the said Letters Patent one Body Corporate and Politic by the

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urine as the result of the disordered renal circulation.

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the second crop that the teeth are very hard and very

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As a substance insoluble in acid media uric acid when the blood

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during the first four days. The voice was perfectly restored.

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continuation the coronary plexus to the coronary arteries seem to offer an

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re ion of the niedidla oblouirata and the fourth ventricle that the occurrence

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lation of atropine respectively in Figs. 4 5 and 6 the congenital

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dulness however by no means indicates the size of the aneurism for the

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centrated bile or as a consequence of the entrance of intestinal microphytes

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Treatment. Careful nursing with change of climate and suitable diet

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Clark t reports a case of isolated rupture of the iris and choroid

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directly from extension of the inflammation along the chordae tendinei to

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other non conductor of heat and moisture a folded newspaper even may thus

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shall append a list of the names and residences of all the

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epitheliomata with mucous connective tissue growths in the midst

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such communications exist. He gives a sketch of such an anasto

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diseases more particidarly variola typhoid fever typhus fever or malaria.

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prognosis than the diff use forms and may recover under medical treatment

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they appropriate much of the oxygen that is needed for the proper oxidation

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mals ami human beings tlcad of diphtheria. It has not been separated from

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disorders. This connection is quite frequent. In many

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manifestation of the cerebral symptoms but to try to relieve it at once.

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der and skin. Fatal peritonitis follows the discharge of the abscess into the

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such as tympany ascites abdominal tumors or enlargement of the liver or

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Sayre M. D. Professor of Pharmacy and Materia Medica in the University

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Barton in his valuable monograph 1800 speaks of its prevalence in certain

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the opposite side of the body involvement of the middle third of

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with hyperacidity. The difference in pathological condition in these three

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tococcus infection sometimes to mixed infection to which the streptococcus

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the case mentioned by Osier. The patient was supposed to have intestinal

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healthy man of 66 years. With the utmost precaution and careful

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of early age exempt from syphilis. In hydrocephalus it

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Broncho pneumonia is a very frequent complication. Gangrene of the lungs

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be bronchophony and at the upper border of the liquid the voice occasionally

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Perhaps it is too much to expect circumspection and ma

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wards though intermittent but fairly regular jerks developed when his eyes were

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Hewetsong.J. asserts the entire safety of the so called trap

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Under the title About the Perception of Light in the

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new methods accepted and because the alkaloids of animal origin

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thrombotic process within being secondary. Nearly always the vessel wall

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obstructing the lumen of the orifice. Sometimes as a result of rheumatic

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gastric tumor should be associated with a normal or diminished quantity of

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leucocytosis of over 45 000 to the cubic millimetre just before death the

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January this Society will hold meetings for medical improve

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be silver thickly gilded. Ruel of Genf jjhas sought to overcome

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may be sometimes difficult to distinguish between neuralgia from simple

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not very extensive. I have however at present no definite observations

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ture occasionally results but more commonly death is gradual and due to

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ing several months or possibly even years. The prognosis of this variety is

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sandal cubeb and copaiba are valuable and the first often promptly yields

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Examination of the wall of the cyst at the first operation showed

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external orifice can be diminished at will or be entirely cut off.

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while a favorable prognosis cannot be safely predicted by treatment

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which this is accomplished should be entrusted to the specialist. Third pa

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tations continued to promote suppuration evacuation may be secured with a

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uninjured and capable of vigorous multiplication. The power of peptonizino

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rious structural lesions of the intestine the condition is not infrequently pro

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ated and hard. The respiration may be embarrassed or superficial as a result

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