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venous obstruction may follow pylephlebitis pressure of a tumor upon the

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depend njion hysteria or be a reflex disturbance from the presence of renal

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children had been less than 5 years of age. Forty four cases had

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If however purging has been profuse or the disease has already lasted a

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the organ lies beneath the ribs in the left hypochondrium and cannot be

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The ph uritio adhesions give more or less dnlness on percnssion. Wlien tlie

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movement. The temperature in most cases is irregular but on many days

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appeared to them to be connected with matters of administration

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completion of my experiments my attention has been directed to the work

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lead to great caution in expressing a positive opinion as to the cancerous

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sionally some increase of tension in the arteries and yet who habitually enjoy

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est weight upon the lungs. Even when compensation is fairly maintained

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irregular intersecting lesions slightly itching. The fever had

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kidney tubules. Such an exudation of serum from the blood vessels in any

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our artificial culture media. Bacteria however differ widely as to their

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quietly from other complications on the seventeenth day after the

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acids also presenting suitable differentiating characters. A person

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secondary cases run a longer course and those dependent upon cervical caries

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tions with varying sometimes much sometimes little general disturbance and

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dermically twice daily. Later on as the symptoms improved one or two grains

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cases the other 7 probably resulting from endocarditis and myocarditis. In

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lower extremities dating from birth and occasioned

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He had been wounded August 2. On examination there was a severe flesh

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onset of the eye affection. Microscopic exammation of a piece of

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Smith Sidney Maynard 196 Earl s court road S.W I Dec. 11 1902

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and dogs that a regeneration of the functional components of the

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tion of the bile ducts may be the cause of hypertrophic cirrhosis.

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aseptic. But that it is possible is suggested by the following case

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swallowed by man are believed to perforate the intestinal wall and enter

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cases are usually of long standing. Pneumothorax may be present. The

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owing to the selection of finest ingredients and the greatest ac

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liest stages of tuberculosis of the lungs. One should always satisfy himself

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narv vmptoms of cerebral disorder from other causes. Headache is a com

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of Massei corres onding editor Naples. Hermetpf describes a

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recovered with blindness of one eye caused by panophthalmitis and in two cases

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Especial attention has been given to the consideration of the latest accepted

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the lifetime of persons whose habits of living lead to the local manifestations

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dilatation may ensue. The absorptive power of the stomach is retarded and

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commonly affected although the deep veins are also more or less involved.

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througli absence of novel features of scientific value in the cases

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adjacent internal capsule the optic thalamus and the centrum

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to tlie acute enlargruKMits of tlie tonsils commonly seen in patients

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failing heart power may render the use of digitalis strychnine or alcohol

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hypothesis. In Sclicmes 1 and 2 tlic hnc of junction hctwccn

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perfect and are unapproachable by any operation of which iridec

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the ciliary region to the list. The first was that of the pigmented

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that the antibacterial properties of the extracellular fluids are produced or

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clinical advantages of our medical schools be so numerous

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of climate acclimatisation. Effects on health of overcrowding vitiated air

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idal tracts lie close together in the medulla oblongata.

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tions having been made during the midsummer season in Calcutta

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gen and are called obligate anaerobes and still others can develop either with

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There is a very extensive growth of connective tissue in the cortex the

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was cured by successive ligature of both carotids. Kipp s case

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Cornil and Alvares and concludes 1 that Paltauf and Eisel

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fifld mice are susceptible to glanders to which house mice are refractory.

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kins not infrequently mixed with blood. What gravel and

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hook very similar to Voltolini s instrument. Report of Massei

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or public place or of the moist particles of expectoration

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and occasionally vomiting takes place. The extremities become

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hyperemia of the brain may result from increased activity on the

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scopic discoveries of the bacillus. Zambaco wlio has studied

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qualities as mercuric salts. Both Gayet and Wicherkiewicz are

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round worms which require only brief description. A few species of trema

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administration of the bicarbonate of potassium of the citrate of potassium or

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larly likely to contain poison producing bacteria. Contaminated water there

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tory activity Cheyne Stokes breathing and acceleration of the action

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upon the valves or mural endocardium sometimes shallow more commonly

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In cases of Bothriocephalus latus the symptoms above described may be

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evitably encounter were the cornea curved in its ordinary manner.

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inadmissible. The atient should occupy dry warm apartments remote from

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nessed in some cases of exophthalmic goitre chronic gastritis gastric ulcer with

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the point of saturation is approarlied this turbid liquid is care

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the gums and spreading across the soft palate to the opposite tonsil.

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ion on the local treatment of some forms of non suppurative

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incubation. Shearer notes however that freshly isolated meningococci

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haematoma beneath. Beneath the prepuce about the meatus was

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The diagnosis is apt to be difficult. The symptoms resemble those of

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gastric juice was permitted to digest portions of the nuicous membrane.

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co existing with suppression of the menses. Woods l i had a case

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respectively of such Member or Fellow to be void and thereupon every

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opinion that the instances requiring operative interference are not

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cites the influence of violent exercise or of a Turkish bath measures

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muscularly and later by mouth and rapidly became convalescent. He was

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dition cannot be designated as atrophy but has been appropriately named hy

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functional energy of the affected limb may be conveniently used to

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the tubes and papillae of the kidneys is liable to be danger

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children and may be distinguishable only with much care from idiopathic

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Astasia is not however such a prominent symptom in most local lesions

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tachycardia and palpitation. Ergot arsenic and nux vomica are also of value

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are entirely analogous to those of anterior poliomyelitis as the

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