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points connected with the origin and prevention of disease

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and the first one was malformed. When seen the patient was 3 weeks

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the small round cells were a few larger rounded granular cells

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perijiheral nerves and of the sympathetic ganglia may exercise a similar influ

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diminution of pulmonic tension. A systolic thrill is noted in a considerable

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results. In all cases it should be avoided with the inferior rectus

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An article upon this same subject is published by Good

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tance of 10 feet 3 metres. He considers a perfect elastic mem

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This condition continued for nearly a year but was finally stopped

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quite harsh and occasionally musical. In a case of traumatic rupture of one

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instance it is manifested rather by a rotracted convalescence from acute peri

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The names of both Members had previouslj been removed from

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broncho pneumonia. But it has long been recognized that there is one form

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mistaken when I express my conviction that many of you

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expressed the belief that in view of the certainty of recurrence the

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ball as well as the opacity of the cornea increasing section of the

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dent shall preside. If both are absent a Chairman shall be

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engraver whose prices are moderate. We are familiar with the work

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them and the nuclei the dentate in particular are consequently very

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Treatment. In all cases of acute congestion the patients are to be kept

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placement of the heart against the chest wall but observers are generally

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The upper abdomen not infrequently becomes swollen and tympanitic and

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collapse and anaemia. The search for a tumor is further important since

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in which a number of individuals in the same locality have been attacked

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not be overlooked malignant cases are always fatal.

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liver and kidneys. The skin is sometimes the seat of lymphomatous growths

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