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devohing on all nations to take measures to eradicate any plague
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out the external auditory canal as an aspirator. The body was
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so also are starches sugar and fat in more than small amounts. Peptonized
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and vago accessory nerves which supply the muscles of degluti
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The discovery of an abdominal tumor naturally fills the patient with alarm
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forms of disease like other children who do not possess the predisposition to
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suppurative inflammation of the glands and may terminate fatally. Accord
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ovcr iuthilirciu c in alcohol and tobacco in certain cases of marked obstruction
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account for the proptosis. In this case the immense swelling at
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viewed by the microscope will present hexagonal tablets not unlike those of
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did not get icell. An operation for the removal of the drum
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women than in men and therefore more apt to be attacked by
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rectum must be empty in the night and patients should
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itis. Extreme dyspnoea coming on in paroxysms and diminution in the
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nus bacillus. The poison is first precipitated from the germ free filtrate of
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Symptoms may be entirely wanting or there may be evidences of obstruc
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theria where it is important to remove a great many of
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of the vegetable kingdoms. The animal parasites belong to the divisions pro
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RochpMoas a test reagent for albumen in urine. A few crystals of
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Seven members shall constitute a quorum but a less number
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spores and granidcs found in bacteria. His conchisions are as
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capillaries while other glomeruli are atrophied degeneration of the renal
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holes in the omentum or mesentery or in the normal peritoneal openings or
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opment of a septicaemia capable of producing death. 5. The
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summarized as follows 1 Shock 2 haemorrhage 3 vomiting cardiac
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operation but with recurrence in both instances. There were 8
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retards amyloid disease and the cachexia of suppuration. Estlander s opera
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influenza of whooping cough of the early stages of typhoid fever and that
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more gradual and the temperature is not nuich elevated. In both of these
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the gall bladder with or without calculi and inflammation of the pancreas
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the iris spread out as a velum interpositum between the corneal
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functions are most active. Debauchery physical and intellectual fatigue loss
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flow of blood is hypertrophy of the left ventricle which maintains the proper
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acuminatus predominating b Lichen loith exclusively plain
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spores tuljercle bacilli typhoid bacilli cholera spirilla and many other species.
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interfered with and finally undergoes atrophy. The secretion is then scanty
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and granted and by these Present for Us Our Heirs and Successors do
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The work is well illustrated throughout with wood cuts half tone and colored
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tions forming slightly elevated patches. Secondary cysts may be found to
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difficult extraction in breech presentation. Maybe I am
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purulent catarrh of the frontal sinus with necrosis of its orifices.
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clustered acicular crystals of bilirubin hjcmatoidin. The presence of amoebte
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years but after that age males are far more liable. Surrounding conditions
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and the patients suifer from of chronic miliary tuberculosis.
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the shoulder and in the hip redness and swelling are seldom present while
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of opinion of the eminent surgeons who have joined in its preparation.
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Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England should be addressed to
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Definition. A form of inflammation of the mouth characterized bv the
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In cases of aneurism of the transverse arch palpation in the suprasternal
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and deviation from the Ime of movement must be considered more fully.
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is by no means so uncommon as a very modern author seems
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Weinlechner iy reported a case of ectasia of the sinus and the
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of operative interference early in life is reported in a 17 year old
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are capable of regular development and generate silkworms infected with the
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Prognosis and Course. The prognosis in the discrete form is entirely
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should be light and nutritious many patients doing best when confined to a
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fate of bacteriology as of other theories From Broussais there
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and lateral curvatures of the spine accompanied by flattening of the thorax
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tion of the bacillus connected with it in the sources of epidemics.
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Our understanding of the process of immunization was greatly advanced
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secretion to the parotid gland. These latter come from the facial

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