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Among the direct causes we reckon bronchitis inflammations and obstruc

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short period vhich has elapsed since its issue it has been adopted and

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Weber as presenting its proper etiology and pathological anatomy.

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bile stained contents of the stomach then of a bloody fluid. The patient

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result of ascites with tympany. When the displacement occurs suddenly

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diminished when they lay down. He believed the condition due to some

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of the mediastinum becomes chronic or tuberculous lymphadenitis may occa

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lepsy and other derangements of the nervous system. Mas

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fected the case was a mild one and not accompanied by

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difficult by the ascent of the diaphragm the compression of the lower lobes

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General Hospital from 1822 to 1889. They arrived at the following con

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Moreover bilirubin is but scantily dissolved in the fluids

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had nearly returned to its normal condition. The case was sup

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Descriptive Catalogue of the Teratologieal Series. Animal Malformations by

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added an equal amount of potassium hydrate liquor potassse and a few drops

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to the presence of haematic pigment. This condition he considers

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cubic centimetres 1.69 or 3.38 fluidounces of the urine and place

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volved. Aortic disease is much more common in persons of advanced years

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