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It will at once appear that an increased percentage of large hyaline

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describes an interesting ease of ditatation of the sphenoidal sinus

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Treatment. The treatment of the cyst is distinctly surgical either by

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Barclay A jj concludes that oral irritation reflected to the ear

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atV vtions then dijihtheria will rank with those diseases which can be produced

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Society of Great Britain or in a Public Hospital Infirmary or Dispensary.

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Perspiration is greatly diminished in the majority of cases occasionally

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throat swabs were positive. The cerebrospinal fluid in these cases was generally

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regulate and is more certain of result than tenotomy. By greater

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a regulatory apparatus for the circulation of blood in the brain and

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later it is persistently rapid sometimes reaching 200 beats per minute. As

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suffering from icterus neonatorum. Their main location is in

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pression. Syphilis is not a rare cause for arteriosclerosis especially

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preserving that which has been gained. Oertel has recently instituted a plan

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Union under whom he held the office of Medical Officer and Public

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were two ulcers covered with thick rupia like crusts. Near the

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disease. Malaria is a frequent predisposing cause in India. Local changes in

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which is composed of blood mingled with exuded blood scrum and in which

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considers that a firm attachment or anchorage for the advanced

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Considering the well known facts so important for the theory of respira

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He asks How is it that the macular fibres escape I He believes

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delirium tremens. Old persons often become apathetic or mildly delirious.

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confined to these conditions. The causes are those already mentioned as pro

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weights successively in the one hand he gave the following replies

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It was formerly supposed that the incidence of cerebral rheumatism could

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crystals of boracic acid in tlie urine after administration of 20

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Hirschberg J supplements his previous studies upon senile

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represented by two or three experts instead of a single one there

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in the lungs which extend like tuberculosis and may produce

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deeply into the orbital cavity in the situation of the lachrymal

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spread to neighboring parts. Cases in which upon post mortem examina

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echinococcus man is aifected only in this way the mature worm occurring in

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France Germany and 1 in Great Britain. In 8 of these both

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less regular and less well sustained. No nystagmus occurred on looking down

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it an internal remedy of decided value. Unfortunately we cannot be

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