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with profuse mucous and blood stained sputa sleeplessness restlessness and
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chemical substances produced by the organism both in cultures and in the
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with a 5 per cent salycilated collodion. The associated general and gastric
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sents a general review of the subject agreeing with Schwabach
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discomfort are altogether out of proportion to the actual morbid pheuomena
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primary acute tubercular pharyngitis. This occurs in persons who have
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Yearsley Percival Macleod 10 Upper TVimpole streeet W
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association that has given rise to the term naso pharyngeal catarrh.
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acid 1 draclim to 1 fluidounce 3.8 grammes to 30 cubic centi
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stateil. eontinnc for many years without disturbing the general health.
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the intermediate color will tend to be brought before the mind or
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the vicinity of the middle ear. The seat of a similar formation was
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domestic animals more particularly cows sheep pigs and poultry
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solution of the red blood corpuscles. It is increased by nitroge
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clinical observations published in the American Medical
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or calcification may ensue as in the arteries. In the larger veins atheromatous
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TrousseaUgJ lmade four inoculations with material from the vege
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lobules composed of acini. Acini of the same lobule communicate.
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was employed as an antifebrile agent by the Swiss and German physicians

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