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requiring surgical treatment stating the treatment including operative

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same side. The degree of heterophoria may be measured by

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function associated with them. 2. A lesion may cause functional

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effect showing survival of the meningococcus only on the five minutes

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None of these symptoms are characteristic. Vomiting however is a most

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trations 33 of which are chromo lithographs and all of which are drawn

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It is frequently stated that playing on wind instruments or glass blowing

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into the tissue. Crystals should be used when the growths are

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health or after ill health without definite symptoms other than oppression

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that the arthritis or pericariditis is to be regarded as metastatic.

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and pharmaceutical products shall sell morphine and cocaine to

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cancer of the oesophagus and in persons whose health has been enfeebled by

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consciousness does not return at all and death occurs in profound

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due to diabetes is described and local neuralgias are more frequent.

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nervous symptoms and the failure in the appearance of any eruption soon

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from the peripheral blood stream is shown by the two following cases.

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patients have cough dyspnoea muco purulent or bloody expectoration a

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omel while frequently repeated small doses of calomel are recognized to have

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to the primary distant cause. Jaundice shows upon the mucous membrane.

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many cases of catarrh bronchitis penumonia infectious

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o. Pei sistencv of the ductus arteriosus Botalli is a very common affection

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mortality of rheumatism in Paris is observed during the summer months

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himself to the observance thereof and made and subscribed the following Decla

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present and add greatly to the distress of the patient. The symptoms vary

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require an unusual amount of firmness and supervision.

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It will be observed that the typically contagious diseases in the ordinary

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among young children who have already learned to speak before

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Observations as to the effect of thirty grains of quinine daily on the

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into the subject VennemaniJJ concludes that the tr lt irhoma of to

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achievements of inventive and mechanical skill. We add to the Rem

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ary exudate it usually proceeds rapidly. The diet apart from the reduction

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one hour and fifty one minutes its longest duration was four and

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obtained good results especially in new cases and those in which

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salol given in divided doses through the day is sufficient for this purpose.

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details. In only one case was there any sexual indulgence and in

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left on too long nor be applied too frequently. The cases most

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Mrs. Macloghlin s offer is thus made in accordance with the

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prolonged reflex irritations. The skin grows pale and emaciation is sometimes

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upon individual peculiarities of constitution and temperament rather than

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looked tlie remarkably efficient plan which was suggested last year

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aneurism is situated in the tranverse portion of the arch the innominate artery

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strophanthus. A very good combination is 5 grains of potassium iodide 1

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thickness of the clot is usually insufficient to produce any marked dulness on

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William Frederic Haslam 8 Vicaraye road Edghaston Birminglutm.

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month unless every year or within one Calendar Month afterwards unless at any

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forms of inflammation of other serous membranes as pericarditis and periton

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be idiopathic although the scrofulous diathesis or some constitutional debil

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that this substance is formed in the former tissue rather than in the

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cases in both of which the cerebral symptoms were very marked delirium

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symptoms. The latter affection generally produces greater interference with

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treatment of the local condition must be subordinated to the general manage

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With this anatomical distinction was associated a difference in etiology it

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inflammation. Its subacute chronic and visceral forms however may be

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tion. He concludes tliat it is a toxic paralysis. Blanch slpi in the

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organic myocardial disease. Even in cases of valvular disease coincident

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ing with cool water brisk friction and massage and careful regulation of

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come from an abscess which has perforated into the bowel. Portions of tissue

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hypertrophic dilatation is spoken of if of normal thickness or thin atrophic

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