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cold and a chronic form if the monkeys are well cared for and
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Abdominal distention and tenderness do not occur until late in the disease.
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The acid state of the ers nration in certain diseases that are accompanied
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blue. Besides the indigo blue there was found present a deep
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paper. The filtrate is now reduced to 860 or 880 cubic centimetres
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Another important series of predisposing causes is that including various
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been easily made by detecting the characteristics above mentioned.
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manner of involvement of the mediastinal glands whether primarily or second
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sacs. The cases may therefore be grouped according to several principles of
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syncope from other causes. The clothing of the patient must be loosened about
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utility is considerably restricted. Glycerin may be sometimes used in its place.
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sive diarrhoea almost choleraic at times may continue throughout the case.
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often gives immediate relief and may be supplemented by swallowing of
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time to time by Bye Law determine Provided also that nothing herein
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For the patients who cannot travel the most efficient treatment seems to be
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Etiology. Tubercular peritonitis is to be regarded as almost invariably
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like rhubarb or pie plant containing oxalates will furnish directly oxalic acid
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The prognosis of lichen niher as first deserihed by Hebra was
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made of such general stimulants as alcohol and strychnine.
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roughening with atheroma of the aorta and h gt nhtless with degeneration of
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ment. Its chemical characteristics are essentially those of blood serum. In
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products of the disease with solutions of permanganate of potas
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consisted of albuminoids which were soluble in acetic acid
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the heart are absent but there is pain posteriorly when the patient swallows
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diseases. Arsenic mercury the iodides carbolic acid quinine pilo
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the general distension of the venous system. In severe cases especially when
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Definition A morbid growth of the gastric walls composed of connective
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complicated the case. There was atrophy of the middle and in
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turbances of ideation as delirium are consecutive to the hallucina

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