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A most careful study of 5 cases of congenital hT dro oj Jithalmos
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In the alimentary canal rheumatism occasionally roduces ainful sensa
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sisted. There was no eruption on the trunk or extremities. A great
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Lammiman Cleland Elleray Tunbridge Wells Dec. 9 1830 July 21 1871
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investigators of hay fever in America were led to believe that its prevalence
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For nasal affections are frequent. In almost every case
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Mr. Wilson asks special attention to his line of Doctors Rigs
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side of the joint often without any apparent connection with the articular
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The acute thyroiditis is manifested by the local symptoms of the inflamma
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which followed Bronson Bulkley xlllen Sherwell Sturgis and
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of the intestines in varieties of more severe diarrhoea brought
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and the auricles may be double their normal thickness in cases of extreme
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ible animal the blood serum or other fluids of another animal which has
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Lepra. A very large number of contributions to medical
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preceding syphilitic history in 68 cases and the paralyses were in
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negligible. Five cubic centimetres of distilled water was added to a twenty
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belong all mycotic forms traumatic neuro paralytic and those of
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view of the larynx may be obtained in young children. It is
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The tendency of the effusion to reaccumulate is characteristic of this form of
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trophy of the tonsils unless the enlargement be very great. The severity
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Complete extirpation was practiced October 25th. The oesopha
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In the after treatment of patches of lupus vulgaris which had been
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which upon aspiration is found to be sero purulent or purulent. Again
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time to time on any points in the curriculum anrl examination
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may be serious bleeding which will diminish the amount of iron
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rated in part from the elevation of the diaphragm in consequence of the
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bowels accompanied by tenesmus. The stools are often composed largely of
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increase of the excretion. A case of almost total suppression in a
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may take place below a constricted part as in the corset liver.
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other symptoms may appear. Duodenitis is usually associated with gastritis.
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structure of the intracranial contents caused by the con
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not less than eighteen months during the ordinarj Sessions or Terms.
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is gastric catarrh that these cases require preliminary treat
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uous among the aharticular manifestations of acute rheumatism are the affec
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tainly was a flictor of considerable importance in the production of

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