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the generality of cases the perforation executed in this case by
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for use in insufficient gastric digestion with atony of the
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of 9 and 11 who displayed lemon colored patches here and there
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fluids into the anterior and posterior chambers and into the
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The majority of observers are of the opinion that the children of rachitic
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Committee giving particulars of the Dinners held between 1346
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under the cover. The urates will dissolve but the phosphates are unaffected.
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In tlie Central Texas Medical Association malarial ha3maturia was
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The necessary amounts of H2SO4 can be added to the non alkaline
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Nasal Polypi. Schiffers of Liege collaborator read a paper
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paralijtic keratitis upon animals vJ os combined with a thorough
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Two forms of bronchiectasis are met with the cylindrical and the saccular.
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Etiology. Lobar pneumonia is a very widely distributed disease. There
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women and especially among those in middle life who have borne children.
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to infections than old ones. There is however a special insusceptibility of
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youth and nervous exhaustion of any kind is also a predisposing factor.
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are discharged through the ulcerated tissues. The large joints of the body are
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There are other causes which may bring about a fatal cficct chief
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that they are directly due to destruction and that they are consequently
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Recently small reddish and white cicatricial spots appeared upon
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heart or from intercurrent coma. At times the morbid process
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Etiolog y. An attack of acute phthisis may follow some previous tuber
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over the skin of the mastoid region is also of service. Local
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the cavernous sinus. The patient had long become unconscious
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scribed symmetrical yellowish scaly shining areas in the face
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their apparently greater susceptibility. In adults the disease is more frequent
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Major Edward John Buckley for service with the British Expeditionary Force in France.
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frontal and orbicular muscles. Destructive lesions in the posterior
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here advantage was taken of the proximity of a Bacteriological Laboratory
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ance increased bronchial whisper and in addition subcrepitant rales and fric
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Similar views are expressed in a report of the Iedical Officer
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treatment. More commonly the subendothelial cellular infiltration and forma
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exert pressure upon the larynx and the vago accessory nerve and
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within a few minutes the almost uniform result blood
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months from the date of its receipt will be returned with any accompanying
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greater numbers in the blood. Since then numerous observers have studied
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authority. The adoption of this act will involve upon every medical

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