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upon the urinary aromatics. The red color of tlie first part of the

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blood corpuscles and serum in slight but varying proportions the last how

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It would appear from the results of the investigation described above

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long only as the Council of the CoUcge shall think fit.

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enlarged when necessary many of them being in their fourth and fifth editions.

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in the administration of Anaesthetics to the satisfaction of his Teachers.

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Treatment. In the presence of any variety of cerebral

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attack and to have the air of the apartment moistened by steam. Children

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exhausted by undue exertion. More rarely persons suffering with fibroid heart

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perplastic lietina simulating a Glioma says in the resume of

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grayish or yellowish elevations which present an appearance not unlike that

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exertion consequently the patient is soon out of breath after the slightest

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obliterated. Between the intermarginal space and the conjunctiva

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may be given indefinitely never causing constipation.

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Scarlet Fever. Scarlet fever has appeared in an epidemic

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administration of serum. The Lister Institute serum has been employed for

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the part of the patient with elevation of temperature. The

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