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specific germ. It is certainly probable that sporadic cases may be produced
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Treatment. The treatment is essentially constitutional and symptomatic.
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Of interest in connection with this question of the manner
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secondary cases run a longer course and those dependent upon cervical caries
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those manifested in the form first mentioned with the exception
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posteriorly at the entrance of the cavse but fibrinous exudation invariably
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digitalis and nitro glycerin may alone suffice to relieve the patient or purely
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eases to which pericarditis is secondary the most common are acute rheuma
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numerous cases of the kind I have personally seen it al
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ished the point of the knife is directed to the lens capsule which
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Porterj ijj7says that pruritus whether occurring as an accompani
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Ordinary bving cultures of the typlioid bacillus in tolerably large doses
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gration. According to Hofmeier the normal congregation
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patient is likely to recover but the suppurative process may continue and the
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the female alone has been found. In this instance the
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kinds and acicidar crystals of fatty acids arranged in bundles. Tufts of fungi
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tain not inconsiderable traces of nitrates 3 the cholera red
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liesides the thickness of the covering. Ciliated epithelium drives foreign
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the other azotized substances do not undergo. The ammonia unites
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leprous iritis is frequent. One case of aphakia and one of cataract
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until the surface is dry and warm is sufficient. Older
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without odor. The characteristic feature of the stools of entero colitis is the
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red cells normoblasts by a process of nuclear extrusion the process in health
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dered more liable to be cut through or the section itself may be
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Symptoins. The characteristic symptom of biliary lithiasis is the occur
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being separated upon the filter the filtrate is acidulated and tested
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