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twenty four persons being Fellows and elected Members of the said

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and a majority fraction thereof five Censors one of whom

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nausea and vomiting. The pulse is rapid and often feeble. Either stupor

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Gelle of Paris jll extols the merits of rapid brushing of the

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ubiquitous. As we find it in pneumonia meningitis peri

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the cities of Rio do Janeiro Santos and Campinas in Brazil. In

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The anatomical conditions upon which Ziem bases his opinions are

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ject. Parrot met with it in the atrophy athrepsia of

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Ti eatment. Alike in i nniary and secondary cases the treatment should

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and sudden clianges in temperature are also influential. Leprosy

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was the most frequently attacked but the external rectus was the

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shown at the American Laryngological Association meeting in

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The peripheral field was intact but there was a large central

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be delayed until cerebral symptoms manifest themselves. In the

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paration of Sullivan s Amalgam and its modifications.

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dry or moist heat may be applied at pleasure. The jacket

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efficient the collateral circulation or the more profuse the gastro intestinal

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As mentioned in the discussion of the symptoms cerebral manifestations

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vertebrae and the absolute dulness flatness beyond and below that line. The

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Formal surgical operations are occasionally undertaken in field ambulances

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is easily made labored. The breath is oflFensive from the hypersecretion of the

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addition there will be the presence of some condition capable of

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The most important secondary effects of pericardial inflammation and exu

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if re elected into the Council shall take precedence of all other persons

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The signs observed in cases of patulous ductus Botalli are often largely the

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Since the abscess formation is often multiple at the outset with a tendency

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