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the original catarrh of the nose and throat brought on by

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It then passes under Poupart s ligament and is called

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The percentage was distinctly lower in premature labor and very

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Tj pluis Fever. A correspondent j J 5 writes from Egypt that

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jection is more likely to fail than an educated two unit red

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to provide for more than a few words in succession. The sa Q

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increased by the purchase of 2700 London Couuty o per cent.

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infectious diseases to injuries to surgical operations and to any conditions

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so than in the mother. With some bacteria however the characteristic

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strychnine is valuable in cases in which purgation seems desirable to relieve

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cumscribed or divided into two or more pockets which may or may not

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against bleeding a case has been recently reported by Werner

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few experiments which I have since made survival of the meningococcus

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gastric contents of the nature characteristic of gastrectasia and which is

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While the frontal region presents an expression of surprise the

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In the past sixty years chiefly owing to the communication of Richard

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are muscular twitchings general convulsions or coma the urine is scanty

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some diarrhoea with perhaps a small amount of mucus and blood at times.

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devote a sum of Ten Thousand Pounds to the purpose.

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of bleeding from the nose stomach and bowels. She was fairly

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of the rete mucosum Figs. 1 2 and 4. In places the corneous

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duration the tissue is denser and has more basement substance. Where the

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In the discussion which followed I presented a simple gag devised

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gastric boundaries if these were not previously visible. The procedure is not

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bronchus bv a sinus through the pulmonary tissue. The opening is often

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mosquito have been found by investigators to be carriers of the malaria

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of the mastoid where repeated attacks of swelling with consequent

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employ cocaine and cliloroform only for children. Before operation

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be visible pulsation in the suprasternal fossa. An aneurism of the descending

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Acquired displacements of the liver are those where the organ lies higher

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the question of isocoria and anisocoria which is subdivided into

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follows acute articular rheumatism. It is accompanied by the usual symptoms

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the two jaws and the introduction through the gap of the finger

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the direction towards which they should be moved voluntarily. The

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middle aged man who had been attacked in apparently good health by acute

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is sometimes asserted that the symptoms of pleurisy are sometimes overlooked in

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Mi.M oseopicallv the sputum is found to contain pus corpuscles fatty epithe

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Many bacteria preserve their vitality in ice for a long time the typhoid

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pro hylaxis whicli does not differ materially from that already

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plicable under favorable conditions to women men and children

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day. Reaction began on the third day and recovery was complete. The

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cerebellum which is the site of most gunshot injuries.

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recorded where death did not occur for a couple of months. Instances of

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Modifications of Characters Attenuation of Virulence.

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asthenopia during work at short distances especially when this

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W 7 hite Emory Lincoln.. SomerviHe 124 Highland Avenue

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This i rocess is repeated several times daily. The water should contain some

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Treatment. From what we have before said it will be understood that

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utes after the time of total eclipse regained normal acuity.

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in the nervous form of influenza. Adults took from one

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history and who go in and out freely among the citizens has not

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becoming more probable that a concurrent acute nephritis and peritonitis may

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estimated instrument for if it has saved some eyes in the hands

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color blindness. Recognition of the object in both instances was per

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was also given at the same time the composition of which is

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by the movement of the image to the opposite side while ho

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involved while tlie patient suffered from attacks of chilliness and

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expedient for the Medical Council to confer with the Colleges with

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