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disappearance of the scars 1 am inclined to doubt if this method

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carrying them under full illumination from the head mirror back

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Synonyms. Endarteritis chronica deformans Virchow Arterio capil

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the original lesion. Permanganate of potash in 1 per cent solution carefully

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the fontanelles and other modifications of the skeleton that indicate the exist

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the author considers them streptococci. But it is very doubtful

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skin eruptions and splenic enlargement have occasionally been observed.

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method. The procedure is based upon the fact that it is possible

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probable that inflammation of the pancreas may be induced by the haemor

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adjustment of the visual axes to the object that should be fixed is

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Furulent Pleurisy from Infection by Pneumococci. This form of empyema

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cutaneous blood vessels contain less blood and the internal viscera

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which is largely due to the pain. The fever and the attendant derangement

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Definition. Air in the pleural sac. Air alone is present in very rare

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legs. The feet showed atrophic sunken skin with scaliness and

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atrophy involves the whole heart. As the disease progresses the muscular

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viously emptied should be filled with water and the electrode then swallowed.

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syringing witli a boric acid solution then insufllations of iodoform.

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then Succcs established by these our Letters Patent and their Successors in that

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the pneumogastric in particular but this is not all much is due

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ness and laryngeal irritation. The symptoms of the tertiary lesions are of the

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T. H. Openshaw Consulting Surgeon to the Eastern Command for his

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The course of incurable cases depends altogether upon the degree of stenosis.

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cylindrical lenses refract light. The models were made hy Charles

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On physical examination there may be a faint and perhaps recurrent yel

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Photo micrography is shown to ha e taken a great stride by

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in other cases quite severe stabbing pain is experienced and it may according

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cipal symptoms are unusually great pain on swallowing cough high fever

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the great majority are liable to relapse and to fatal termination at last.

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Note. The names of existing Officers are printed in heavy type.

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serious ill health unless from some accidental intercurrent disease. The

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result either of destruction of the blood globules by tlie disease

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a rapid development of phthisis. Though heavily charged with urea the

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Any candidate who during the examination shows a want of

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