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of rendering susceptible animals more or less insusceptible to a large number

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by uric acid creatinine cldoral hydrogen peroxide or the salts of

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The bacilli of tetanus and of malignant oedema are common inhabirants of

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adduced by J. Solis Cohen of Philadelphia p. who reports an in

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ical anatomists are very prone to develop necrophilic tubercles Leichen tuber

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not come from the head of the murdered man that two of them

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lary membrane coloboma of tlic optic nerve and macular coloboma

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merited our American members of the guild might teach their

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huanarpo and black maca

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reaction. The strongest acids given in usual doses are neutralized before

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chrysarobin ointment twice daily. The face was covered with a

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nary nutrient media and is destroyed by drying and heating to 60

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and lactic acid have been administered for the purpose of favorably influencing

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only sister suffered with a similar eruption and died at 9 of some

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sionally a congenital constriction of the lumen of the oesophagus is observed.

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maximum from three to five hours after a nitrogenous meal like

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treatment par excellence in all cases is ablation with the knife.

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Cinchonce Ruhrce Cortex Quiuime Sulphas Quininae Hydrochloridum Quininse

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nerve fibres will grow through considerable tissue resistance. If then at

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and pathological anatomy. Wilson s. ruber alone deserves the

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or black color is produced then sulphur compounds are present and may cause

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perfectly clear and without precipitation. Into this double iodide

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