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vated temperature and cerebral symptoms or they may pass into the condition

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Haemorrhage from the stomach or bowels is most efficiently relieved by ice

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where the organ is nmch contracted. It is however almost impossible to

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promptly carried out. If the obstruction be due to impaction of faeces as

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Bright s disease and in great anaemia. Sometimes the uvula becomes very

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of collecting notes of such cases is the fact that much might be

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substituted for th gt word lichen whicli should only b used for

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from their moderate use. The use of tobacco must be interdicted rigidly as

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tion after coal gas poisoning have not infrequently been observed.

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cells in the blood and lympli currents destroy living and virulent

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color later they become smaller and indurated and a genuine nephritis may

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of uraemia as the cause of all the cerebral symptoms. The

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junctivae pupils equal somewhat dilated and floating un

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comments and reflections which can hardly be suitably presented in

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of cocaine resemble those of absinthe. Heimann f 2 reports the

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was a peculiar defect of the visual field. Weeks oia reports a similar

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tendency in certain families. The male sex is predisposed because men are

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face and mucous membrane of mouth and conjunctiva. The

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productive inflammation. It is not luicommon therefore for a broncho pneu

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Morbid Anatomy. The perforation is found in the left ventricle in a

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corresponds in its general arrangements with the llegulations of the

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the beginning with gradually increasing pain and tenderness under the sternum.

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symptoms of writers cramp coming on may prevent its further progress

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to distinguish pityriasis rubra pilaris from the lichen ruber acu

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to re examination to produce a Certificate that he has received further instruction

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bronchial respiration and increased vocal fremitus are met with over the

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peritoneum in general will be studded with gray glistening translucent gran

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developed chiefly upon the anterior and lateral portions of the abdomen upon

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Symptomatolog y. The primary symptoms of chronic bronchitis consist

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extreme and very persistent anaemia. Sometimes in typhoid fever an intesti

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rhcea. They were present in the sero purulent discliarge found

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analogy was likewise insisted upon by Chatellier who gave con

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tion and difficnltv in retainino the urine. Anv ner ous start was

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chlorine as NaCl contained in it. As an average although tlie

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obstruction at the cardiac end although sometimes the result of paralysis and

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occurrence serious consequences are likely to follow profuse haemorrhage.

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the method liaving proposed it at the Brussels Congress one month

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The white ash is treated with water and that which remains un

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The Fellows Dinner was held in the Library of the College

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infection or otherwise disseminated sclerosis of different

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avoided for fear of gangrene at the point of vesication. Indigestion and

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larial Plasmodium and the unknown infectious agents of the acute exanthe

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Our collaborator Schiffers of Liege sends us an abstract of

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Is there a uniform method applicable to every child no

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affected next the left kidney least often both kidneys.

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as the air passages and lungs the alimentary tract the genital and urinary

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and thereby on their downward course the body. From

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occurred about ten years ago in which nearly 25 per cent of tlie

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individual. They present no especial feature under such circumstances save

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contraction of the thrombus occurs and the color becomes lighter as the red

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enclosing islets of cancer presenting an appearance simulating that of fibrous

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nerves and over exertion excitement exhausting reflex irritation from a

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a black sanguinolent bulla appeared on the sole of the foot. At

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arranged and catalogued so as to be readily available for reference.

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sions. Modifications of the foregoing displacements both of the lung and

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pregnancy. Neither she nor her surroundings were of the

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pus continued subsequently to be discharged and a fistula in the

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having found that the epiphora immediately stops and the conjunc

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was a peculiar defect of the visual field. Weeks oia reports a similar

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catheter and to the isthmus of the tube. Immovable drum lieads

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flammation due to causes other than acute rhinitis which has not yet produced

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arrangement in the meshes and interstices of which the fluid is collected. It

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The Universities of Eome Bologna Floeencb Genoa Milan Naples Patia

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mater upon the side of the hemorrhage than over the healthy

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strength of the patient which is in any case a marked symptom. Local

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name of pseudo lenkajmia conditions varying so widely in a pathological

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and under different conditions in the one instance fifty one men who

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may be thus explained. In like manner the phenomena of asthma may be

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double images into line is superior to all other ways of estimating

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process. Dreschfeld in a recent article lays special stress on the probable

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in about the same proportion only one tonsil was enlarged. In

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is also found with pleurisy pericarditis peritonitis and cerebro spinal menin

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tions of the Southern States in the sugar regions in spite of the

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need they run concurrently and they may be commenced or attended before the

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greater portion originates in the entire tonsil and not in the bursa

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to protrude and thus secure their steadiness. The globe is filled

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attack 38 had had former attacks of rheumatism and 10 were of

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In the third case an abscess had been opened with a bistoury but

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cess extends to the bulbar nuclei so that the symptoms of progressive bulbar

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restriction to limited branches of the bronchial tree and their re formation at

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emesis strychnine and atropia were used hypodermically faradism

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