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added to an inch of potassium hydrate. Fe1ding solution differs from the
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Qualifications of this rule must be made however in the many severe
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stomatitis or the action of some infection of unknown nature since no specific
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and intihratiou arc frequently associated and when occurring singly lead to
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ing to the natnre of the inflammatory process whether catarrhal phlegmonous
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closely followed or interlacing bands of dense fibrous tissue may be formed
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distance. It involves the medium sized less frequently the finer tubes of one
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nation recommended by Eaymond depend upon the biuret re
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that this procedure causes congestion of the tympanic and
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Dilatation of the cesophagus is sometimes present. Dilatation of the pylorus
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chemical agents or by the galvano cautery of the mucous membrane with its

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