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B. Fraenkel J has reported an instance of idiopathic phleg

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will be the average period for the oral examination of each

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causes emaciation through the destruction of the healthy framework of the

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in presence of the three conditions of exposure amenorrhoea and morning

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ing to Chiralt of Seville Spain corresponding editor asserts that

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irregular intersecting lesions slightly itching. The fever had

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mainder of life is usually replaced by subacute forms of the disease.

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confidence in the vitality and vigor of the newborn that

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It should be applied once or twice a day. The inunction

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and may consist of small masses of glairy mucus dislodged with difficulty or

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of these parts. In chronic cases pilocarpine is the only

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the dose being determined by the amount of the cerebrospinal fluid withdrawn.

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vasculariz Hl. and of a yellowish tint. Lopez s study of ocular

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hospital. He showed no further symptoms and was transferred to hospital ship

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