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Morbid Anatomy. The coudition of the kings varies with the cause of

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as the fluid undergoes resorption. It is short dry and painful. Sometimes

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valvular sound has occasionally been noted in the femoral vein.

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Not infrequently in bad cases of rachitis and in those

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of copper 1 to 500 carbolic acid 1 to 400. The bacillus of

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In certain cases of cardiac rheumatism delirium and other cerebral dis

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inal section there were besides a number of dark streaks

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sion by exploratory tapping would be almost positive indications. This evi

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ThataU and every direction provision regulation clause matter or tnmg existing Char

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rule however does not hold good when the drug is given

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deformities that have been gradually produced by the various causes previously

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is evidence however of the formation of substances of considerable toxicity in

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elephantiasic in character. Fresh attacks followed at varying in

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is complete wlien the result may be obtained by filtration and

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several bacteria. This new lenient stains a blue black with warm

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accompanied by evidences of plastic formation. Cyclodynia ex

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sideration belongs rather to works upon surgical subjects.

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the prognosis of surgical intervention is grave. The nervous

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most important diagnostic symptom learned from lavage is the evidence of delay

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which the impaction does not promptly give way of itself laparotomy offers

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and may be transferred by absorption to the circulating liquids of the body

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lopeau remarked that the group lichen is artificial and various

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than two millions per cubic millimetre the amount of haemoglobin corresponds

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heart or from intercurrent coma. At times the morbid process

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against the lodgment of pyogenic micro organisms and the least

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thinks Besnier s phosphor turpentine treatment useless. How

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the physical signs remained unaltered and no positive evidence of the nature

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that only half this expense is borne by the College of Surgeons.

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of syphilis the vitality of tlie parts at that time appearing to be

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disappearance of articular inflamntation was followed by local disturbance of

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fuse result iu a fibrous hepatitis. The possibility of biliary calculi serving as

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phenomena are not present visual hallucinations do not involve

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through their alteration of the character of the gastric secretion and of the

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may seem remarkably good. Emaciation is rarely seen even in the cases in

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times sharp and lancinating in character and the discovery of enlargements of

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manganate of potash alum borax myrrh and chlorate of potash. In the

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As the cataract ripens they either fuse to form long opalescent

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general leprous manifestations were very extensive. When ad

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writers are referred to in E. Noeggerath and A. Jacobi s

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The pulse early becomes rapid small and weak. While the peritonitis is

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Heberden s noiles XW terminal phalanx is sometimes pushed toward the radial

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with or without the sodium bicarbonate. It is difficult to explain these

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a trocar. When associated with ascites the tumors may be first recognized

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An extremely interesting and suggestive coincidence in this case

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As well known to any one well acquainted in clinical studies

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therapy by Behring who has been especially active in developing its princi

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The patient by this time is growing quite emaciated and is assuming a

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The frequency of the pulse in moderate forms of rheumatism is but slightly

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