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of accumulated fat in contradistinction to one in which fat is accumulated as

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Von Stein. pi of Moscow terms coryza vaso dilatoria chron

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have had their antiseptic powers tried and they are classified accord

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the dots either softening the coagula breaking down and forming a chocolate

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attempted to walk fifty eight days and the second seventy one days after

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on cigarettes says that careful analysis of tobacco and paper failed

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Bronchiectasis of all three varieties globular fusiform and cylindrical is

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present. Great patience is required in the treatment of these cases. It is

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margin of the pupil and a similar growth from the temporal

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Symptomatology. The symptoms of cancer of the intestine are entirely

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or more species may be concerned simultaneously or consecutively. These

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and hygrometric conditions of the atmosphere. Pain is frequently worse at

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spot appears read off the number of cubic centimetres taken from the burette.

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dies and obtaining the fullest results not only from the saline

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titis appears. This latter consists of numerous punctate infiltra

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of medical science are here summed up systematically and

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phate corresponding to a hydrogen ion concentration of Ph 5 3 the

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are few and trifling but when dilatation supervenes the cardiac compensation

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sarcoma of the choroid in a woman of QQ years and a granuloma

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separated from each other there is shortening of the

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reaction. The strongest acids given in usual doses are neutralized before

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The asthenia is nsually well marked and apparently out of all proportion

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Persistent Cases. If after the subsidence of the acute broncho pneumonia

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tion with potassium. In other conditions than acetonajmia the

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advisable but the salicylates are without value and may prove absolutely

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has the effect of turning the lashes upward and outward. The

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trary heterophoria may be assumed if crossed diplopia is shown

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faces are smooth the capsules are not adherent. The changes in the renal

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distance. It involves the medium sized less frequently the finer tubes of one

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succeedhig a case of measles in a young healthy man with excel

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outlining the organ. It is however often unsatisfactory. Palpation should

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outlets for the derouted and inhibited return. Among the practical

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cles especially in those of the descending colon and sigmoid flexure and even

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the stomach. Excessive smoking is of equal importance in manv cases. It

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with alterations occurring either singly or together in the spleen lymph glands

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The question of the direct exciting cause has not as yet been definitely

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occasionally observed in hysterical adults. The laryngeal crises of locomotor

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is easily made labored. The breath is oflFensive from the hypersecretion of the

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affections separately though in reality several are usually found combined.

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New York is mostly west wind that deposits all the mois

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constantly restricted to the articular structures of the body. Among the

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for any age but rather of the presence of conditions favoring its development.

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appearance of Charcot s octahedral crystals in blood slides which have been

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two lines above the horizontal meridian according to tlie size of

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