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has taken place at the expense of the cornea alone.

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but in a single baby only. Now this is very unfortunate

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age advances though I have frequently noted slight nodular thickening of

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ure has proved so successful that I remain true to the ad

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bl lt X d. Special tendency to spasmodic contraction of the laryngeal muscles

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The consistencv of the nodules varies extremelv and the medullary or

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water to carefully express the contents of the lachrymal sac and

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extent matrimony between relatives contributes to men

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of other parts particularly of the peritoneum stomach and lymphatic glands

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by hardened fseces and produce the symptoms of weight and uneasiness about

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Oilier of Lyons 0 1.88 raises his voice against the general prac

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at their edges of insertion and stretched or made tense along the unattached

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moved to order. It is interesting that nystagmus is more pronounced

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dermic injections of ether camphor or alcohol. Transfusion of blood or intra

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tion and the introduction of oxygen into the blood. Rowing and gymnastic

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record in which a man after having been thrown from a horse

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with.0188 per cent of iron in the fresh state and.1182 per cent

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made between acute wbacute and chronic cerebral anemia. The

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during the attendance of midwives practising under legal super

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stained a dark olive brown color thus agreeing with Grossman s

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advanced cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. It perhaps results from the

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to promote the obliteration of the pouch. A man 52 years of age

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Diagnosis. In well developed cases the tenesmus tormina characteristic

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quite harsh and occasionally musical. In a case of traumatic rupture of one

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It is customary however at this stage of the disease to give ammonium

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hardly perceptible without the aid of a lens. These nodules are

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to other so called indifferent substances as washed animal cliar

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they gradually lose flesh and strength. The urine between the attacks is of

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complication of non articular rheumatic fever either alone or associated with

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tilage has been observed in a few instances but the terms ossification and

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Otalgia otitis and deafness sometimes result from diabetes and a similar

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plains the improvement in hearing by the supposition that the

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gestion hysteria gout heredity and some of the skin diseases. It must be

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like bodies which he has found in considerable number in the

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He says that it is remarkable for its form and its association with

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although the elevator of the upper lid is frequently involved in slight

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iodol bismuth and iodoform. Superalimentation and inhala

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DuNEDiN. The University of New Zealand and Dunedin Hospital.

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The immediate cause in nearly two thirds of all cases is alcohol especially

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rare headache is not severe though sleep is greatly disturbed by nocturnal

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vial capsule and though extremely obstinate the disease is unaccompanied by

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hyposthenic state of their antagonists. I have observed no facts that

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nerve with secondary pressure symptoms this view being strength

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firmly contracted and the abdominal wall even retracted. The distension

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is some evidence that germinal infection of fowls with tubercle bacilli occurs

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nausea vomiting belching epigastric tenderness with more or less irregular

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swelling occur the temperature will show corresponding variations.

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Newport in June Charles Dennison of Denver j 8 presented a

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symptoms and results of these conditions the author states that the

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plienyl hydrazin test as above doubt having obtained the charac

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on in attacks which last for weeks or months. Between the attacks the

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