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read off on the graduated capillary tube. A long series of experiments has
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with blood. The veins of the cerebral envelopes and of the choroid plexuses
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Mr. William Harrison Cripps of Stratford Place wei e elected Members of the
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Campbell ji reports a case o ossification of a degenerate clioroid
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be practised with the hand placed horizontally and the pressure should be
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slightest irritation of the digestive organs of the integu
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cases of chronic gastritis since the acid is diminished in this condition. Nitrate
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ParinaudJl re orts 73 cases of ocular affections in hysterical
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amount of museuhn substance of the heart with corresponding reduction of
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articnlar manifestations are less ainfid the large joints are not invaded as
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locality and with the intensity of the inflammation. There may usually be
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Balantidium coli or Paeamcecium coli. This organism Fig. 68 has
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In many cases the symptoms closely resemble the characteristic features of sac
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in every case such small hernias being very easily overlooked. The diagnosis
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Such a circumscribeil tubercular inflammation usually continues for a year
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cer of the tonsil Postempskipt j ss operates in the following manner
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Meniere rrt 8in an article on the use of Paquelin s thermo
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is indicative of destruction of the posterior third of the posterior
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The sharpness of the first sound I ollowing immediately after the rumbling
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large number of named bacteria which have been so imperfectlv described
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The heart shares in the disorders that are manifested by the kidneys. As
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Ascites becomes a symptom of the later stages of the atrophic congested
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usually diminished although sometimes greatly increased. Thirst is generally
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burg as having made investigation into the nature of the bacteria
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removal of a parovarian cyst and the remains of the tubercular process were
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etc. was cured by iodide and mercury though there was no
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tion of the exudation and fibrinous deposit already formed is problematical. It
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In the late stages opium must always be employed to promote euthanasia.
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cellular elements in the sediment are apt to be scant a circumstance
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vomiting although it is not of course diagnostic of the disease. It occurs
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eye. He has abandoned the use of the eye bandage after iridec
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body. This latter or injury received in some other way has damaged the
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intestines. Great care should be taken to avoid the use of all medicines
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quantity of indican in this secretion is but small. It is however increased
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microscope still revealed blood cells but also blood casts
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bone was extracted with some difficulty owing to its impaction the
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the organ which had habituated itself not to hold more
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Subjective symptoms form an important part of the clinical manifestations
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Anaemic dropsy may develop in cases which have been prolonged.
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anil sacculated. Special varieties result from changes and degenerations in one
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The series of cases considered was chosen under the direction of Colonel
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itated and cachectic jiersons there may be discovered minute superficial erosions.
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tain value in prognosis as a facetted calculus is one of many. Between
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might however have been due to age quite characteristic of the
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imbedded in scar tissue valuable tissue has been saved by the operation
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siderable quantities of blood in each. Paroxysms of sudden and severe dys
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solium are smaller than those of Taenia saginata and more spherical but the
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oxysms would point to the existence of chronic myocarditis though the muscle
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t These qualifications are the registrable Surgical and Medical Degrees of the foliowiug
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solution of chloride of lime. The mixture becomes of a dark blue even
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subcortical motor aphasia are thought to be capable also of designating the
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the period of life at which the condition occurs as its dependence
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tion evidenced by permanent increase of tortuosity and pulsatory
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The tumor is the frequent cause of jaundice and ascites which are when
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count of the greater ease of observation of the disturbance of
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vomiting pain in the side cough expectoration and dyspnoea. These symp
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the optic nerve fibres are medullated. The great variance between
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Beselin on the strength of a careful microscopical examination of
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than practical eff ect. Influenza may be kept out of a
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Death from perforation into the peritoneal cavity takes place as already stated
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borhood of the stomach are sometimes greatly distended. In the pseudo
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My observations lend no support to the view held by many physiologists
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the autopsy old cancer of the uterus was discovered with great
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suitably protected from any injury. In short every tissue enervated by
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do a oivat de il to relieve the distressing symptoms. The stomach troubles
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dose of extract of belladonna gr. J 1 or sulphate of
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place slowly and may occupy a period of weeks. In large effusions reaching
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Demonstrator of Bacteriology Harvard University Medical
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numerous and so various are the varieties of the disease that no general

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